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Is it an online lottery system?

Yes, the entire process is online based. The customers can buy and play global lotteries on Drawite website and our upcoming app. Tickets are not sold manually or at stores.

What's the age limit to play the lottery?

You should be above 18 or attained the legal gambling age in your jurisdiction.

Can I play it from anywhere?

Drawite can be accessed from specific parts of India and other countries. Australia, France, and the USA are some of the countries from where you cannot access Drawite.

What are the steps involved?

You can start by selecting six main numbers from 1 to 50 and one joker Ball number from 1 to 5. The choice can be manual or even an automated quick pick. Check out the "How to play" page that explains the procedure in detail.

How to check the draw results?

The draw results are announced by an automated system called insured Random number generator (iRNG). It ensures a random selection of numbers to provide genuine results. The iRNG system is tested periodically and secured with a time-stamping mechanism to sustain accuracy.

Can I play in advance?

Yes, the three months advance subscription is available.

How am I declared as the winner?

You are declared as a winner only when the numbers chosen by you match exactly with the winning numbers drawn.

When all the six numbers + one joker ball from your choice match you win the jackpot of one crore.

You match at least two numbers to win RS.40 and a bonus for the match of joker ball

Matching 2 to 5 numbers and a joker will fetch you a win of RS.40 and a free bet bonus

How will I be notified about prizes?

The notifications will be sent through email or on the registered phone number. Drawite only sends a notification to its registered members.

How will I be paid for winning the prize?

The prize money will be automatically transferred to your Drawite account. You can then transfer it to your bank account or use it further to play.

How to register?

Click on the sign-up and fill in the required information. Once you submit the form an activation email will be sent to you that will expire after 24 hours. Now you are all set to log-in to your Drawite account.

Do I have to register my email id?

Yes, it is mandatory to provide a valid email id for communication and notification purposes.